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Did you know… you need to wash your boats before putting them in the lake?

No, we are not talking about the canoe you keep on your dock and put into the water for the regatta. We are talking about any boats that are new to the lake or have been on any other body of water. Anything that has come in contact with another body of water should be thoroughly washed before being but into Bark Lake. Even things such as paddles, life jackets and paddleboards need to be washed. By skipping the wash, you could introduce more milfoil, contaminants or other invasive species like zebra mussels into the lake. Milfoil can be completely dried up but once in the water, it grows and spreads. As we have already seen, this results in permanent damage and a never-ending battle. Please rinse your things! Boats need to be rinsed by the town before being introduced. Just go into the centre and ask them to clean your boat, it is free!


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