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Did you know... You can’t do fireworks at Bark Lake.

Everyone loves fireworks! We hate to break it to you but they are not legal here because they are terrible for the water quality and therefore the entire ecosystem. The metals responsible for the pretty colours are not only bad in their aerial short term (which pollutes air quality). They stay in the lake and work their way through the food chain, eventually ending up in that fish you or a bear wants to eat. It is called bioaccumulation and the concentration of those chemicals gets higher as you go up the food chain. These toxins are awful for whatever living being they are in. They poison everything they touch. Not to mention, fireworks are really loud and your neighbours, especially the ones who are too far to see the fireworks, probably don’t want to hear it. Basically, while you are free to enjoy fireworks somewhere else, it’s just not cool to do at Bark Lake.


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