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Did you know.. The rules for boating are very similar to driving on the road?

You knew that you need lights while driving at night (we hope). But did you know that under federal law that time actually begins after sunset even when it is still light out? This applies until the sunrise. It is also very important for you to have both the red and green lights in the front as well as the white light in the back. Driving in the dark is difficult enough and this will allow everyone else to know what direction you are driving in. The other thing you should remember is that laws for driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol are the same for boating as they are on land. If you do happen to get in an accident, it is important to stop, make sure everyone is okay and give your identity. It is the same as a car accident and if you don’t do this, it is considered a hit and run (punishable by up to 5 years in prison). Bark-Lake is usually a safe place but accidents have happened in the past and they have often been tragic. Let’s do our best to avoid disasters!


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