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Did you know… the milfoil battle is still going on?

Everyone by now has hopefully heard of milfoil. For those who haven’t, milfoil is an invasive species that if not managed properly, will ruin our lake. It has the potential to ruin our lake because it has no predators and takes up lots of space and oxygen, killing all other species and therefore killing our lake. Please remember that while steps are being taken to help control milfoil’s spread, it is still everyone’s responsibility to look out for it. Grab a snorkel mask and check out your shoreline! Milfoil has hit Bark Lake hardest in Silver so at the very least, try to avoid boating in Silver bay as much as possible. You may have to boat through Silver Bay to get to your cottage, but if you are looking for spots for water sports, please avoid Silver Bay at all costs. Your wake can break the fragile plant causing it to drift into other areas and infect them as well. Wake causes the milfoil to break into smaller parts and that is such an issue because even the tiniest piece of milfoil can grow into a whole new plant! Please be very careful, milfoil threatens the lake we all love. If it’s spread is not stopped, life on Bark Lake as we know it will never be the same.


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