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Did you know… you should look very carefully when picking soaps to use?

Phosphates (PO4³⁻) are natural. If you have taken some biology classes you might recognize it as part of ATP, the energy currency of biological systems. So why is it a bad thing in our lake? Too much of it is called “nutrient pollution”. Basically, that excess phosphate gets used up by vegetation in the water. It causes extra algae growth and other things that we don’t want. While it is counterintuitive, plant life in the water is a sign of pollution. It causes a decrease of oxygen in the water (yes decrease, you can look up eutrophication if you are interested) which kills the animals in the lake and then kills the lake. It is super important to not use any soaps with phosphates since they contribute to the deterioration of our lake. Synthetic fragrances are toxic to microorganisms and invertebrates in charge of keeping the lake healthy. Soaps okay to use in your cottage have to be phosphate-free, and synthetic fragrance-free. They also need to be biodegradable. Yes, even if you have a septic system, these nocif substances still make their way into the lake. For anyone who is feeling overwhelmed, Canadian Tire is a great place to find these products. The brand Live Clean can even be found at most pharmacies. Here are some suggestions:


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